Cell Configuration Required not allowing calls out (and likely in)

Phone: Moto G6
Plan is unlimited talk and text with 1Gb data

Issue Description

People trying to call often go straight to voicemail as if I’m on DND, but I’m not and I don’t have the options to quickly go into DND turned on either. Now when I try to call out (with a business partner who is REALLY angry w/me about my phone reliability) and it says: “Cell configuration required” “An update is required in order for cell service to work properly. You may be asked to tap on OK on another prompt to begin this update, otherwise it will begin automatically. If your phone doesn’t restart itself within 30 seconds, please restart it manually.” I keep getting this I keep waiting, I keep restarting, but I cannot call out and this is a bad time for that. Not sure what it wants but I keep trying to give it. I just activated this new phone and it works … sometimes.

Hi @michaelc.kq5nc0,

I’m sorry to hear of the experience. Please see if the following sorts it:

Thanks again for the quick response. I went through the steps and all went well, but after restart, I still get the same message and cannot call out. I then get a notification that it is configuring my network and it finishes … And got a DM along the way that it was going to make a lot of modifications … I hit OK and it restarted me. Either way, I’ve restarted many times and gone through all the instructions … and I still cannot call out as I keep getting the same message I put in the original entry. Any great wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Hi @michaelc.kq5nc0,

I don’t know that I have any additional great wisdom. Presuming you have cellular signal in your area, resetting the phone’s cellular settings generally sorts what you describe.

Did you follow-up the reset with a Data Profile update (bullet point 4 in the previously referenced Help Center article)? For the Moto G6, the specific guidance is linked here:

If that doesn’t sort it, what is the zip code (nothing more) for your area? If you look at the cell signal strength indicator on your phone, how many bars do you see? Also, do you see any letters such as R or LTE?

Yes, I’m on Android 9 and I did that (good instructions btw). Did not help.

Sorry I missed the other part. I was on “Global” but I saw that LTE was recommended, so I switched to LTE. My zip 27504 (Benson). I see 2 bars, but calls should be using wifi anyway as they did without a problem on my old phone. I don’t see letter like R or LTE, but in settings, my Mobile Network is ON and my preferred network type is LTE (was Global). I am probably going to try 3G just so that I will have turned over every stone before skipping this new phone across a lake

Hi @michaelc.kq5nc0,

The rationale behind asking for your general location is in order for the previously referenced resets to work, there needs to be adequate cellular signal available. WiFi is relevant for making and receiving calls but not for clearing the configuration error you’re seeing.

Out of curiosity, if you put the phone in Airplane mode (which turns both WiFi and cellular radios off), then reenable WiFi manually (turn it back on but leave Airplane mode engaged), does the configuration error go away? Are you able to make and receive calls with Airplane mode engaged and WiFi on?

Hey Roland, I get the same error message in AirPlane mode with the wifi enabled. Service has been pretty good out here as we’ve been here since March … but we’re likely largely on wifi … although I do make calls in transit and have used a great deal of voice over cellular and cellular data in the neighboring town of Erwin (28339). So I am beyond stumped at this point and it is a big deal … although after today, I will be a week out of town. Not sure if I can fix the problem in a different state. Thanks,

Hi @michaelc.kq5nc0,

According to the coverage maps, CDMA cellular signal in and around Benson is more than satisfactory. That said, you could try resetting the cellular settings as previously referenced when out of town. Being in a different area of coverage can’t hurt and might help.

This is a shot in the dark but generally cellular signal is better outdoors where it doesn’t need to penetrate a structure. You might try resetting cellular settings while outdoors.

About the only arrow left in my quiver other than that would be a factory reset, which I understand no one likes doing and that you already did so prior to setting up the phone.

If none of that is appealing or helpful, it’s time to seek help from a Republic technician by opening a help ticket.

One more interesting point, I CAN seem to receive calls on Airplane mode w/wifi on. I still get the error message when I try to make calls and I cannot make calls at all … but apparently in airplane mode w/wifi on I CAN receive calls.

Hi @michaelc.kq5nc0,

Hmm, the configuration error is a cellular network configuration issue but maybe I’m taking that too literally. Let’s empty the tank and try refreshing the Republic activation:

Then, if necessary, reset network settings:

Resetting the phone’s network settings will delete any saved WiFi network information also meaning you would need to sign back into your WiFi network.

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Well, after the reactivation … my phone seems to be working again. I just called out and got a call in. Thanks so much. Is there a way for me to close this or do we just wait the 2 months for timeout?

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Hi @michaelc.kq5nc0,

I’m able to close the topic if you wish. Would you like to wait a few days to be certain things stayed fixed?

I’m the eternal optimist. Go ahead and close. Thanks. You can also close the other one if you’d like (the activation).

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