Cell considerably louder than wifi calls?


Just curious how many others experience this…

I have noticed (more with my current X Pure than my old first gen X or Defy) that my cellular phone calls are considerably louder than wifi calls. This applies across the board using various routers, both private and public. In fact I can pinpoint the instance my X switches me from a wifi call to a cell phone and vice versa just by the volume level. I don’t know how to put it in decibels but probably a 25-30% increase in volume with cellular vs. any wifi connection?

Wifi calls are audible - but there have been MANY times I wished I could turn up the volume more on a Wifi call.

Anyone else have this issue?


This is an issue that my sister has been having with her Moto E4 but we haven’t figured out the cause yet. Would love to hear if someone knows what the cause is.


Also experiencing it on my Moto Z Play, but only when I’m on wi-fi and the person I’m talking with is as well. I have to turn the volume all the way up to hear a friend who’s also on RW. Then my ear almost gets blasted out if he switches to cell.


I’m have the same issue with my Moto E4. When calling on Wi-Fi the people I call complain that they can barely hear me. I don’t have this issue on a cellular call.


Reference my thread and example here:


I would like to hear some comment from RW on this. I don’t recall having the problem with my Moto E2, but definitely had it with my Moto X Pure and have it now with a Moto Z Play. There’s never a problem when I talk with somebody who’s on a landline or on cell, even when I’m on Wi-Fi. But when I talk with a friend who’s also a RW customer and has a Moto E4, I have to turn my volume all the way up to hear him when he’s on Wi-Fi.


Well…considering that my thread is a ways old, and there are 3 other similar threads of folks confirming this phenomena. Haven’t seen “anyone from RW” comment on it. Far as I know, its normal.