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I may be getting ahead of myself, question may be answered when I set up my new phone. A Moto X4 is on the way to 63301 zip code.
I read somewhere RW now uses Sprint and T-Mobile towers for cell service. With the new phone do I pick one or the other, or does the phone automatically go to the cell service with the best coverage? Or does the phone go back and forth to whatever cell service has the best signals automatically?

If I pick the coverage for my area, how do I determine which is the best one to choose?

Thanks - Evelyn (a phone rookie)


If you ordered from Republic they select the one they think will work best for your zip code (doesn’t mean it will always be the best and one can request the other via a support ticket if you find coverage issues (they will send out a different SIM).

the default BYOD SIM is GSM (T-Mobile coverage)
I find the best way to look at coverage is to use the backbone carrier maps

I will note extended coverage on the Sprint Map is Roaming for MVNO’s like Republic.


Thank you - I understand, and I will see how the coverage turns out. Yes, I purchased the phone from Republic. Currently on my Moto G - 1st gen. the cell service is Sprint.
Sorry I don’t understand the quote above.


should have include the legend for the sprint map
extended coverage is is treated as native by Sprint but is roaming for MVNOs (it’s actual roaming with local carriers and tower but Sprint contract lets them use it as native only for it’s post paid plans)
if you zoom in on the Sprint map you see the little grey xx in some areas on the map.
Republic has voice and some time text in Roaming areas but no user data for roaming

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