Cell coverage for 92119?

I am looking to upgrade my phone to a Moto G4 or Moto G4 Play. For both of them, in one page shows that there is Covarage but when I go to Full Specs it tells me that “Your area does not have cellular coverage”

I had been using the Moto G3 for over a year and I didn’t have any problem.

Can someone from Republic let me know if these phones will work before I buy them? Send me an email

Will my plan continue the same? because when I go to the page from the phones it tells me to choose a plan.

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You should rely on the coverage checker. It shows that both CDMA and GSM phones work in your ZIP.

Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

Since you have been using a G3 you will most likely receive a CDMA version if you order one of the phones that works with both CDMA and GSM. Both the G4 and G4+ work with both technologies. So does the G4 Play.

Hi @jorgef.fknb6v,

You’ve posted your question in Republic’s Community forum. If you would prefer an official answer from Republic emailed to you, you’ll need to raise a help ticket when signed into your Republic account here.

That said, I concur with @billg, according to Coverage Check | Republic Wireless all phones currently sold by Republic have cellular coverage in your area. If you would be kind enough to point to the page showing otherwise, I’d like to bring that to staff’s attention for further investigation.

Mr. rolandh, Mr. billg

I can not find the page but the text in both of them had said:

Full specs
Use my current location Change location
Great news! The Moto G (4th Gen.) has coverage in 92119.
We’re sorry! The Moto G (4th Gen.) is not optimized for coverage in the 92119 zip code.
Please note: Your area does not have cellular coverage.
Remember, with Republic you’re still covered as long as you have WiFi, but when you move out of
WiFi range, you won’t be able to make or receive calls and text, or use data.

I had saved the page on PDF but I can not figure how to attach the files to

My $10 plan is now $15 with these phones?

Let me know

Jorge Fisdel

With respect to coverage I don’t have a better answer than the first one. Yes, with the new phones the equivalent of your $10.00 plan will be $15.00.

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