Cell Coverage in Montana


Are there any plans to improve cell coverage and add cell data in Montana. I have been a RW customer for 4 years. We travel to Montana 3-4 times per year from Phoenix. At least in the few major cities, i.e. Billings (the largest city) there should be better coverage.


Which Phones are you currently using
from what I’m seeing the State of Montana has no native Sprint (Republic CDMA coverage) and I no seeing them expand coverage
Montana does have some coverage under Republic GSM partner (T-Mobile), all 3.0 Phones can use the GSM partners (Legacy phones and Plans must use the CDMA partner)


As you likely know, Republic does not own the underlying cellular networks but instead “leases” space on the networks of its partners. The decision for these carriers on whether to invest the millions required to enhance coverage comes down to pure business economics. Generally, the economics of doing so in an area as sparsely populated as Montana aren’t good. Like the best hope there are some of the lower frequency LTE bands that certain carriers are rolling out. B12 which is already in use provides some decent coverage as @drm186 indicated with Republic’s GSM parter. While no current Republic phone is compatible with the 600MHz spectrum that carrier is rolling out, once available, it will make coverage far more robust in Montana as this is one of the markets that they have quite a bit of that spectrum available.

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