Cell coverage in my area?

Phone, if moved, to Republic would be a Moto G5+ & would have to be on the My Choice plan.

Our family has 3 phones with Republic & one last hold out with Verizon. With roaming voice available with Republic, can it be determined how reliable cell voice service or texting would be? While not very often needed, access to cell calling is desired when out & about in the whole rural county. Home zip code is 46703. Other zip codes where driving are: 46737, 46742, 46747, 46776, 46779. Not using major roads in these zip codes. Locally people here seem to prefer Verizon or AT&T if rural. If in 46703 but in town or close to state routes, T-mobile & Sprint seem fine.

Thank you!

Hi @paulat.0p5ea5,

Republic’s choice of cellular network partners is either T-Mobile or Sprint. Republic is unable to offer coverage on AT&T’s or Verizon’s networks. Republic does indeed offer roaming voice, however, roaming coverage is always going to be best effort meaning if it doesn’t work well, there’s really nothing Republic can do to fix it. Roaming agreements do not directly involve Republic and are between Republic’s network partners and their partners.

In the referenced zip codes, of Republic’s network partners, Sprint would be the better choice. That said, if it were me, for those areas, I would suggest sticking with a provider offering coverage on AT&T’s or Verizon’s network.

If still interested in pursuing bringing the Moto G5 Plus to Republic, is it factory unlocked? Republic supports only the U.S. factory unlocked Moto G5 Plus variant noted here:


Thanks, your info is very helpful in making a decision!

Yes, the phone is factory unlocked, purchased with the thought of trading down to the kids who are on Republic. I appreciate your thought of mentioning the phone requirements!

You’re most welcome!

If you do decide to try bringing the phone to Republic, please don’t buy Republic’s standalone bring your own SIM kit as that provides GSM (T-Mobile network coverage). You would want to request a CDMA (Sprint network) SIM as follows:

Thank you again! I had forgotten (until you mentioned it) we had to get CDMA SIM cards in our other Republic phones.

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