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I’m piggy-backing off this response to the poster.

I’m a new customer (I received my phone yesterday. happy dance), so I was also curious about how cell data usage works when it comes down to my bill. I went through this site from top to bottom while researching different providers, so I “get” it. I understand how Republic works (another happy dance); but from the handset, account tier, and $$$ perspective, I was wondering if I had to leave cell data on all the time along with wifi. That worries me. Leaving data on constantly is just one of those scary things unless you’re on an unlimited data plan. (Data Roaming is on, but it’s still scary.)

In the linked post, @louisdi mentioned turning off data for non-system use via the “Republic Wireless App”. Easy enough except you have two Republic apps. Granted, one is called Republic Wireless as he mentioned and has a square icon :rw_app:, and the one I have is called Republic, has a round icon :rw_3:, and does not give that option…

Whyyyy??? ( <-- That was whiney :sob:) Why are there two apps that seem so similar, and what function/feature is different? Is one redesigned for 3.0 or the latest phones? Which one do I need, and please don’t say both. Thanks in advance. Here’s wishing I had a :taco:.


Hi @Coffee.Mama!

Glad to see you around the forums! Anyway, the square Republic app is the app used on their legacy devices. Their legacy devices ran on a modified operating system (aka custom ROM). This allowed them to block certain apps from accessing data. With the newer Android versions as well as the moving away from the custom ROM, Republic is no longer able to block the apps from accessing data.

You will be using the round Republic app. As far as the data goes, you should sill be able to restrict background cellular data for certain apps-just not through the Republic app. Go to Settings, then Data Usage, and then scroll down. Select the apps individually and select the “Restrict App background data” option. Just make sure you are under the “Cellular” tab and not the WiFi tab. I hope that helps!

Note: I am running on Android 5.1 and these suggestions come from using 5.1. Some features may not be available on your OS version.



Hi, @mb2x, and thanks for your detailed response. I’m on a later device using 6.0.1, so I guess I’m using the correct one :rw_3: then. Yay!

So, putting that out of the way, I do need to have Cell Data and Data Roaming on all the time along with wifi. Correct? Do you, or anyone who reads this, know where a doc or post related to this may be?

Thanks for your help!


Hi @Coffee.Mama!

There is no data roaming for 3.0 so there is really no point in turning it off. You can find the document about your plan structure (that includes roaming) here: Republic Wireless 4.0 FAQs: Overview – Republic Help .



True. Thanks.


Global app access to data can still be turn off in the 3.0 Republic app [the round icon one]
Open the Republic app and tap the cell bar icon [data usage page] and there is a global data switch turn this off and you can disable cell data for apps while still have the Republic apps access to what they need access to [for call routing, and texts]


Hi @Coffee.Mama,

I can appreciate your concern about data usage. That’s why I use the NetGuard App to control which apps cannot access cellular data in order to reduce my overall usage. It is simple and easy to use! By the way, welcome to Republic. :slight_smile:


Parts of my recent replay to a similar data question…

Ensure Data roaming is always enabled in Android Cellular network setting. Supposed to be enabled for all RW use. Set and forget.

Enable or disable RW cell data usage as desired in RW app Cell Data Settings. If too much trouble to toggle data on/off use one of the suggest apps. This will prevent the undesired data usage by your phone doing it’s own thing.


Thanks for your response, @drm186. This is a screenshot of what I see. Am I missing something? I don’t see a “global switch” or I just don’t know what I’m looking at.

Sometimes, when I tap the green thumbs up icon, it shows a huge red area saying I have no data left. :no_good: But when I tap it again, it shows a bug green area stating I have 2.0 GB left. :clap: Is that the global data switch you’re referring to, and the only reason it isn’t giving that info is because I haven’t used any data? Yeah, I think that’s it. Right?


Hi, @lenoirt, and thanks for the info. I’ll definitely check that out. :smile:


Thank you, @williamo.vkbg0s.


I was thinking the 2.0 app way of doing this in 3.0 it done in the cell settings


Okay. Thank you. :slight_smile:


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