Cell data is not working anymore

What phone do you have? Moto G3

What plan are you on? WiFi and Cell Talk and Text and 3G Data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

My data is incredibly slow, or doesn’t work at all on cell. For over a month now. I have a full signal. It seems to have begun right after the latest republic app update. Could be coincidence though. I was putting off installing but finally did in December. I moved all pictures and videos to sd card to free up memory. Phone says I have plenty of data left. I tried it the day my plan renews and same problem.

Have you tried this?


Yes, multiple times.

Good morning @williamw.zdhhpq,

You might give the following a try:

If that also doesn’t help might we know a zip code to help determine what if anything might be going on with coverage in your area?

I have tried this a coupe of times also. I thought it worked, but did not. Zip code is 06415 and 06108. But we have 3 phones on republic and this is the only one having problems.

The other phones are not on the 2.0 plan

Is this on the 1.0 plan or the 2.0 plan? If it is the 1.0 plan with WiFi + Cell + 5 GB on-net 3G, it may be that Sprint has deprecated 3G service in your area to such an extent that it barely works.


Hi @williamw.zdhhpq,

Your Moto G3 is provisioned for cellular coverage with Sprint (the only option for older Republic phones). There are pockets of 3G only coverage in 06415, however, 06108 looks good. In my experience, if you happen to be in an area of Sprint 3G coverage, truly slow data speeds are not uncommon. Do you note a 3G symbol rather than LTE near the cell bars indicator when this happens?

Out of curiosity on one of the other phones, would you let us know the SIM type being used. Here’s how to tell:

I will do this tonight. As far as the other thing about sprint network, I have always ,until recently had excellent service everywhere. This just started happening about 2 months ago. All over, Only place I had trouble before was in the DC area.

Hi @williamw.zdhhpq,

@cbwahlstrom raises a potentially excellent point. Would you be kind enough to confirm which Republic plan is in use on the G3? If uncertain, please sign into your account here: https://account.republicwireless.com/account/phones/. Please quote the words under “My Plan”.

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All it says is: My Plan

WiFi and Cell Talk and Text and 3G Data (Moto G) (3rd Gen.)
I believe it is the old 2.0 plan. $25.

Hi @williamw.zdhhpq,

As an aside, it’s actually an even older grandfathered plan part of the 1.0 plan structure.

Anyway, 3G networks are in the process of being phased out and it’s quite possible Sprint has deprioritized 3G service (in favor of 4G LTE) to the point that what you’re experiencing may be as good as it gets.

There is the option of resetting the cellular settings on your G3:

Please be certain to complete step 4, which is updating the data profile again. Otherwise, cell data won’t work at all after the cellular settings reset.


I have also tried this a few times. It seems to work, for about a minute. Then slows to crawl or non existent again.

Hi @williamw.zdhhpq,

Short of the nuclear option otherwise known as a factory reset (which may also not help) there are no more arrows left in the quiver. As mentioned previously by both me and @cbwahlstrom, 3G networks are being deprecated in favor of 4G LTE.

Your Moto G3 is capable of 4G LTE. You might give that a try, however, that plan is $40/month rather than $25/month.

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