Cell Data Not Working on Moto e4 +

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We moved to a new city a few months ago (zip code 71303), and since then, cell data on my wife’s phone has been virtually useless. She often gets the “voice calls only” status, and even when she doesn’t, she still can’t hardly use cell data. I’ve checked the coverage map, and she should have coverage. I’ve reset the dialer, and I’ve checked to make sure that the Republic Wireless app is up to date. Please help.

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@jazzsinger, see this recent discussion. In, particular, @southpaw’s post :


Actually, if your phone is on the GSM carrier, coverage is just fair (meaning you may have problems indoors). You might open a ticket and see if Republic Wireless thinks coverage may be improved by switching underlying carriers:


Yes, I believe you’re correct. I opened a help ticket, and they offered to send us new SIM cards to switch to CDMA. Hopefully, that works.

This idea of different SIM cards to receive different cell signals brings up a question. Are they interchangeable? If you have a GSM SIM card and a CDMA SIM card, can you switch back and forth at will? I ask because my wife and I are going on vacation in a couple of weeks, and it’s definitely possible that the GSM will be better where we’re going.

While not a typical use case, I have tested this in a Moto X Pure. So long as the deactivated SIM isn’t left deactivated for more than 20 days, it should work but no guarantees.

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