Cell Data not working


I can only make phone calls when I’m in WiFi. When I try to make a call using cell data, a recording says “We could not verify your account. Please call customer service.”


Have you opened a ticket. This looks like something on the cellular side that only the support team can fix.


Do you have their phone number?


Republic does not have a call center they do support via a ticket system create a ticket in your account portal (link below)




Hi @kennethc.2f8fnm ,

I see you were able to open a ticket. Thank you for doing so, and for your patience as we’ve worked on this issue.

For others who are hearing exactly that same recording, “We could not verify your account” when trying to place a cellular call today (1/18/18), please open a support ticket, explain exactly what is happening, and ask for it to be investigated to see if it is part of Master Ticket # 1308409.

(Tagging @Ambassadors for situational awareness.)


For anyone who was experiencing this “We could not verify your account” recording when trying to place an outbound call, the cause of the issue has been resolved.
If issues persists, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the phone is successfully connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. Refresh the credentials
  3. Reboot the phone.
  4. Update the profile.

Note: If you were not part of the specific group who heard that recorded message between 1/17/18 and 1/19/18, these instructions may not apply to your situation. If you found this post when searching for something similar at a later date, please open a new thread to ask about your specific situation.