Cell data suddenly used up


I suddenly received a warning that my cellular data is almost used up. I have been home ALL week and my phone has been on our wireless network. Need some assistance on why this sudden spike in my usage. My husbands phone also had the same issue today and his phone stays in his vehicle and is turned off all week as he cannot have it in the building he works in. He said he noticed an almost 1 GB usage from this morning to mid day today. First time this has happened. Can someone from the company tell us what is going on?


We have no way to see how remotely. We would need to know what the phone is saying. It does show what app was using data.


It didn’t say anything until it notified me of the large sudden usage. It said I only had 371MB left for the cycle. Again, I have been on my WIFI ALL week. I don’t understand why ANY cell data would even be used by any app if I am ON WIFI. It showed Twitter, Gas Buddy, and Google Photos in the See where your data is going screen. It also says 43% is used by Removed Apps…I hope this means what was used BEFORE they were removed and the apps somehow are not still draining my data balance.


Hi @angelaw.7dedm7,

Would you mind opening a support ticket so our agents can explore the situation further? This won’t be something the Community can answer for you.

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Sure. Will do. :slight_smile:

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