Cell data tracking not working S7


Security usage permissions on for Republic app. However moving the sliders gets the no data information notification and can’t see what has actually dbeen happening on certain days. Saw someone addressed it with the nexus, but I have an S7 byop.


… can’t see what has actually dbeen happening on certain days.

Does this mean it works sometimes or that you only check certain days?

What shows in Settings->‘Data usage’?


When I go to the RW app and tap the data icon at the top, it shows the blue column graph that has highs and lows for data. However, if I slide the ends in to isolate the days where data was used the most, it doesn’t show the specifics, only has a message that says “No data usage information available for (Date)”, and below it is empty.

If I slide to maybe isolate 5-6 days, including the heaviest usage days, it’ll show specifics but it’s easy to tell they’re not accurate, such as Chrome and Facebook being the heaviest usage but at only 7-8%, which obviously isn’t going to account for 150mb days.

If I go to Settings/Data Usage, it shows a graph also, but on any given day it shows next to nothing as far as how the data was used. In the cumulative list below it shows things like FB, Chrome, YouTube, etc, but if I add all those up I might get to 300mb, far less than the 1GB that we apparently reached for the billing cycle which started over today (unfortunately, and can’t figure out how to go back and see the previous month now).


anybody got any ideas?


Hi again. Apologies for dropping the ball on responding to you on this.

I had to spend some time in the RW app to discover that expanding the list of apps that use data changes the presentation to allow selecting a specific range of dates for that billing period. Up to that point all I could do was slide the page between Wi-Fi and Once I tapped the graph and got the sliders to appear I was able to pick out a range of dates. When I did so, as you noted, it then changed the way data usage per app is measured; it was shown in percentages, not mega/giga-bytes. It did the same thing if I reduced the scope down to a single day. I never got the message that there was no info available.

The percentages that showed up for the range I isolated added up to 100% so I would need to know how you determined that the percentages didn’t represent the amount of data used in order to do a better comparison. Mine were:

  1. Play Store 41%
  2. News+ (app) 36%
  3. Gmail 13%
  4. Webroot (browser) 6%
  5. Android OS 1%
  6. Google Acct. Mgr. 1%
  7. com.qti.service.colorservice (some system app) <1%

That was my single highest day but there are no vertical graduations on the graph so there is no way to see how much data I used on that day.

In Android settings when I looked at monthly data usage per app (can’t find a way to isolate a day or a few days) it very closely added up to what the Republic app said I had used 63.75 and 64 MB respectively. So my figures look consistent to withing 250 kilobytes.

To go back and look at the previous month click on the little inverted triangle that sits between the current data range and the amount of data used. Then select the previous billing period.

Have you rebooted the phone lately? That might help. It’s a good housekeeping practice anyway.

It is also possible that this is an Android OS error caused by corrupted data it saves in a special partition. Try clearing the cache to see if that changes things. Clearing the Cache