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I have a Moto G Power running android 11.
I have the My Choice Plan + 1GB data
Lately, when I open the Republic app to check My Data, and click to see the detail of where cell data is used, it does NOT show every place that is using the data.
I have it sorted by “High - Low” but the actual MB used in total is never accounted for below in the individual apps.
In the past, whenever my cell data usage spiked, I could tell which application was causing the spike and deal with it.
But now I have no idea what caused a spike in my usage.

What can I do to correct this situation?

Hi @leep.ncy62c,

I’m sorry no one had any ideas for you.

Are you able to see the information you need in the Android Settings? On my phone, the path is Settings > Mobile Network > App data usage, and you can adjust the date range at the top of the screen.

Thank you southpaw for the info.
I will use it to monitor my cell usage AND I also set a warning and a limit to my cell data.

We’d actually encourage you not to use the warning and limit in the Android settings. Our service requires the use of cellular data for call set-up and for text messaging. If the Android settings app has disable cellular data, both of those basic functions will fail.

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Does that mean that if I use up my 1 GB of cell data before the end of my month I will lose talk and text until the next period?

Hi @leep.ncy62c,

No. When you use up your data you can still call and text all you want. :slight_smile:
You just can’t use apps (that need data) or browse the internet unless you are on WiFi.

OK, thx - that’s good to hear. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you post a screenshot of what happens when you tap on the “see where your data is going” tab in the RW app?
Are you saying you
a) Don’t see the daily usage graph? OR
b) MBs in the daily usage graph don’t add up to the total MBs used?

I don’t know how to post a screenshot of that screen.
My answer is “b)” the individual usage does not add up to the total MBs used.
For instance: as of today my total MBs used is 134.9, but when I sort by High-Low the top usage is only 2.60 MB and it decreases from there.
In the past 15 days I have had 3 usage spikes all of which are well over 2.60 MB, but their cause does NOT show up in the detail??
In the past (up to approximately 2 months ago) all usage was accounted for in the detail, so I knew where the usage spikes were coming from.
But now I am in the dark, so I don’t know which apps to not use when Wi-Fi is not available.

However, per southpaw’s instructions, I am able to access that usage detail via the settings in Android, so it isn’t that bad that I can’t do the same in the Republic app. I’m just wondering what happened recently with the Republic app that obscures all the data usage detail from being shown.

You may want to check that your republic wireless app is up to date… for your reference, the current version of the RW app is

Even after confirming/updating your RW app to the latest version, if you do not see the usage detail in the RW app, you may want to submit a help ticket to sort it out. I agree that Southpaw’s workaround is helpful in the interim, but long term it might be worthwhile to get it sorted out.

For your reference, here is a help document that shows how to post a screenshot.

Just wanted to chime in that I’m having the same issue. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it started, but I think sometime in the past two months or so. I’ve attached a screenshot so you can see the discrepancy between the Republic app data usage, and the data usage from my Android settings. I’m a daily Pokemon Go player, and that doesn’t show up in the Republic app anymore. I did check that the app is up to date.

Thanks @quickening,

Is your phone on Android 11? I’ve learned today that changes in Android 11 have prevent the app from correctly reporting individual app data usage. We are recommending our members review data usage in the Android settings app, instead.

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Yes, it’s on Android 11. I’ll be sure to keep checking the settings to monitor my usage, then. Thanks!

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