Cell Data Usage on Moto G 4th Gen

I recently upgraded from the Moto G 1st gen to the Moto G 4th gen, and am having problems with Cell Data Usage.

The RW App on the 1st gen Moto G made it easy to turn off Cell Data usage at the App Level. You would swipe over to the Cell Data Tab, click the arrow in the bottom right of the screen, and flip the on/off switch for any App you wanted to be blocked from Cell Data Usage. Then, if you try to open any App that has Cell Data turned off, it would error out, preventing unwanted Cell Data Usage.

Now, the RW App on the 4th gen Moto G looks similar, but won’t let you turn each App off. You can still swipe over to the Cell Data tab, and click on the arrow in the bottom right. But now it just displays what percentage of your Cell Data each App is using. You can’t click into each App and turn off Cell Data usage like you could on the 1st Gen App.

I did try going through Settings > Data Usage > Cellular Data Usage, and then turning the “Background Data” off for each App. But the Apps are still eating Data even when I do this. The phone even lets me open up Apps with “Background Data” turned off. This is eating my Cell Data way quicker than my previous phone.

Does anyone know how to block Cell Data Usage at the App level successfully on the Moto G 4th gen?


RW App no longer provides this functionality, you will need to use a third party app such as

Mobiwol or Netguard.

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