Cell data usage widget/notification advice

I am new to the 3.0 plans (Ascend 5W) and wondering about keeping some tabs on my cell data usage. What do you recommend I utilize to keep an eye on how much data I have used/left for each cycle? I was hoping for a nice top banner that gave a % or meter (like the batter). Wishful thinking probably… TIA!

I have always found the RW app to be pretty useful for keeping tabs on data usage. Just open the RW app and tap the cell bars icon.

Thanks @beachb, I’ve been using this method, but I’m lazy :-/ I was hoping for a widget or something that didn’t require the clicks.

Before remote controls, we used to consider getting up to change channels on the TV an inconvenience. Now days, having to tap the screen of your cell phone more than once is an inconvenience. LOL

On your phone under Settings --> Data usage, you can set a cellular data warning and limit. Not the most accurate or granular thing in the world, but it may suffice. I have a couple phones on Ting and can set data alerts and stops for each phone, or the whole account. Would be nice if Republic Wireless would implement such a thing.

I looked through the list of widgets and didn’t find one. So, thinking about older versions of Android I went in search of the Shortcuts menu to see if that would work. It’s either gone from Marshmallow or I don’t have access to it through Nova Launcher.

There are apps that make shortcuts so maybe one of those will help. It won’t be a real time display but if it’s possible to do it could reduce it to a one click process. Don’t tell Amazon, they may file a patent suit!

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