Cell data used by weather channel

my bill cycle goes from the 27th to the 27th. today is the 29th. i got a warning the weather channel went thru 750 mb of cell data.i uninstalled it, but is it common for an app if left runnung to go thru so much data in a day and a half, i thought i closed it after looking at the forecast although i did open it twice just for curiousity…

Hi @nickf.tezg0v

Ugh! Yes! I had the same thing happen to me (with Firefox)
This is what I do:

Go to settings>Apps and then go the app in question and tap on “Data Usage” and turn off “Background data”
I do this for all games and many other apps I have installed.
Be careful tho and don’t go crazy doing this to all apps. You’re not gonna want to touch apps like Republic, system, texting, phone…
Things like You-Tube, browsers, games (data eaters) are fine.

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