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I had 100MB left last night when I got the “you have 10% data left” email. Checked the republic app, sure enough, it said 100MB left. At that point, I was on my wifi. The phone was unused (on, but not touched) and about two hours later, I get a warning about how I only have 5% left. Sure enough, the app says I have 50MB left.

I left my phone alone for another hour or so, data ran itself down to 0.

If I was actually using the data, I’d understand and would simply understand I’ve gone over my allotment and then buy an extra GB. But, I feel like if I buy another GB, something is just going to eat that GB over the course of a day while the phone idle connected to my wifi.

I’ve seen some other other topics on this issue… and I don’t see any of them actually solved - merely resolved because no one replied. So, what’s the story with this?

Hi @williams.q6b5zb

Are you still using the Moto X Pure?. Maybe you could post a screenshot from


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Hi @williams.q6b5zb,

It’s likely the previous questions went unanswered because it’s not something the Community can answer. The Community doesn’t have access to your account or your phone, so we can’t explain with precision how that final 100MB of data was used. The screenshot @c1tobor requested may give you more insight as to which app used the most data, but still might not explain how that last 100MB was consumed.

Depending on what phone and OS you’re using, it’s possible doze mode put the Wi-Fi connection to sleep, allowing some background process to continue to operate on cell. Was anything running on the phone that you were aware of? Do you use any social media apps?

The reporting in the Republic app is not an exact, real-time report. It’s possible the data was consumed earlier and our reporting lagged, leaving the impression the data was consumed at the same time you were on Wi-Fi.

Again, these are best guesses, and if you want the data use to be more thoroughly analyzed and explained, please open a ticket and let our technicians take a look.


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