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Can I transfer my phone number from republic wireless account to an outside carrier? I have Moto x phone now and would like to get a different carrier that I would be able to talk to someone in person if I have issues with my phone. Can anyone help me? I called Verizon to ask if they could transfer my phone number from republic wireless and they told me no.



Sorry to hear that happened.

You might ask them why.
If they tell you that it’s not a cell number or that it’s a land line let them know that their info is out of date/stale /incorrect, and that you have service on RW now… Because the service is hybrid cell and Wi-Fi some numbers get misclassified or mistaken for Magic Jack or similar-type, equipment… You may need to ask for a Supervisor to get accepted for transfer but there is no valid reason they can’t take your number, I’m very certain.



Hi @janicep.knqalj,

Is there a specific issue you’re having that we could help you with rather than see you go to another carrier? Our support team is available online 24-hours a day, but we’ll also follow up by phone call when needed.

And if you really must go…
Have you tried testing your number here to see if Verizon can take it?



Or a Community Manager may discover you and :sunglasses: show you how to keep from being screened out of the – pretty much automated – process by level 0 support.

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I don’t see what Verizon has that Republic does not have.



Besides bigger bills? I believe the lady said she needed inbound phone support. So while you and I aren’t looking for that some people will value it highly [grammar upgrade] enough to pay for it.



Hopefully the out migrating lady won’t be subjected to that. But we will still be here if the lesson is not worth the cost.


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