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What is there about Republic Wireless technology that prevents any cell phone that is unlocked and GSM from being used? Consumers Cellular says any phone that meets these requirement works for them. My concern is that top quality cell phones are very expensive but there are much cheaper Chinese brands just as good for much less money and I would like to use one.

Republic is a WiFi 1st VOIP provider with Cell backup (this is with the voice channel and not just VOIP over Cell data which may have quality issues)
as such they need to have their App takeover control of the Dialer though API (Software hooks) to route the call though their servers when on WiFi or to forward the call over the Cell Channel (all with out the user knowing it’s happening same interface as a non republic phone)

not only does the release version of the OS need to support this they need to know that if a future update breaks this that they they can work with the OEM to get it fixed so there needs to be some type of relationship between Republic and the OEM

Motorola has been open to work with Republic since the beginning and they use a very vanilla version of Android (and the Google Pixel also fits this and even Samsung has made strides to use the core of android recent years.
a lot of the cheaper Chinese brand phones are not design for the US market (their design for the south east Asian market which have different radio bands (though there some overlap the lack of support for some are a draw back), they also have some hardware features that may effect the Republic all (that Market it expected to have dual SIMs one for work and one personal or one for personal and one for data - this is discourage in the US market by the main carriers)

I will note Republic has been expanding OEMs they recently add OnePlus to the list but seam to be a year behind their phone release


Does it matter whether you get the single or dual sim version of One Plus 6T for use on Republic?


the OnePlus 6T did not have a single SIM version (only duel SIM, but Republic does not support dual sim functionality)
The thing to note is that you need the North American factory unlocked version (A6013)
(please note the T-Mobile carrier version with the same model number is NOT compatible)


Is this compatible with Republic? Amazon: This is the Tmobile USA A6013 Unlocked Model and is Single SIM.

As @drm186 noted above, the T-Mobile carrier version with model number A6013 is NOT compatible. Only North American factory unlocked versions are supported.


I have been in contact with Republic Wireless. The unlocked TMobile OnePlus phone that I am considering, A6013, does work on Republic.

Interesting. This has come up here several times and the guidance has been that the T-Mobile carrier version with model number A6013 is NOT compatible.

Has there been a change in guidance @southpaw?

Hi @sidneyb.2kosdl
It is my understanding that the 6T version A6013 when ordered directly from OnePlus on their US website are the correct version and will work with Republic.

However a T-Mo branded phone, even with that model number is not supported as said by @drm186 and @cbwahlstrom

Hi @cbwahlstrom,

Based on much round-and-round with the OnePlus support agents I reached out to, Republic Wireless cannot officially state that the T-Mobile version would be supported. OnePlus indicated there was carrier-specific software on the phone and could not assure me it was identical to the non-carrier branded model.

I will look into who has told @sidneyb.2kosdl otherwise. I think there may be some confusion simply because both the T-Mobile version and the non-carrier-branded version carry the same model number. Officially, however, we support only the non-carrier-branded version of the OnePlus 6T.

However, I do believe we have people using the T-Mobile version on our service. I do not know what is required through OnePlus or T-Mobile to get the phone unlocked. @seniorgeek may be able to provide some clarity there.

Based on the information that I received I ordered the phone. The order was already processed when Republic told me the information was wrong. I am hoping that it can be stopped and I wont be bothered sending it back.

@southpaw Sorry, but I’m not using a T-Mobile phone.

Simple question. If I try the TMoble 6t that they are sending to me on Republic Wireless and it works initially, is there anything that can make it incompatible in the future? If not,
Amazon: " This product is backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee, This product is eligible for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt if you are not satisfied." What could I lose if I put a Republic sim card in it, keep it if it works, return it if it doesn’t?

Hi @sidneyb.2kosdl,

Yes. As I indicated when I wrote to you by Help Ticket, it’s possible T-Mobile could release an Android update in the future that would make the phone stop working on our network. We’ve seen this happen in the past when some people bought some refurbished Motorola phones that were originally branded for Consumer Cellular.

Sorry for the additional work you put into trying to find out who had given you previous answers. I may not have been clear that I was not asking you to tell me who you talked with. As staff, I’m able to research your support history with us and had already updated the team responsible for the incorrect information you received before I wrote to you by Help Ticket with the correct information. I’ve deleted the two posts here where you named some staff members, since that has already been taken care of, and ultimately, it is the responsibility of the management team (myself included) to make sure that the agents who are answering questions have all the information they need to answer questions correctly.

After all this, don’t you think that OnePlus 6t should be taken off your approved list. I wasted a lot of time and have $300 tied up.

Hi @sidneyb.2kosdl,

As indicated in our BYOP list, the factory unlocked version of the OnePlus 6T is supported.
It is only the T-Mobile version that we cannot support.

I looked at your BYOP list and here is what it said: “We support the North America unlocked version of this phone. Look for this model number in the product details: A6013.”. The T-Mobile phone meets both conditions. There is no warning about getting a T-Mobile phone.

Frankly Southpaw I think that you and not the phone is the problem. Here is your original message to me: " While the T-Mobile branded OnePlus 6T might work with Republic Wireless, it is not officially supported. We do not support any carrier-branded phones." I saw no carrier-brand warning on your website. Moreover from my previous post, I would interpret it to be officially supported because it meets all posted requirements.

However, I will return the phone to Amazon just in case. When my one year payment for my current service with Republic expires, I will consider other providers.

From the help document I linked to earlier:

If a phone has another company’s brand associated with it (Verizon, AT&T, etc) it is not officially supported, even if the model number below matches and even if the carrier-branded phone has been unlocked.


For what it’s worth, might work and officially supported are not the same thing in any technology environment. Bottom line, if one needs a guarantee something will work, then one should stay away from anything not officially supported. While something not officially supported might indeed work, one is on their own if it does not.

It does not help that OnePlus chooses to use the same model number for both the carrier agnostic factory unlocked 6T as it does for the T-Mobile branded variant. Samsung has also been guilty of this in the past but has gotten somewhat better at differentiating between carrier agnostic and carrier branded variants. What a given manufacturer chooses to use as a model number is something beyond Republic’s control.

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