Cell phone data

What phone do you have? moto ace 5g

What plan are you on? wifi and 1 gb data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

I was out not on wifi and was recieving cell just fine. Checked emails and sent some texts. It showed 5g on. Then I got a message saying cell service had been disabled so I couldn’t do anything. I checked the mobile network place that said republic. I clicked that and both mobile data and roaming were turned on. I have over 700 mb of data left so it isn’t that it’s all used. I tried turning the phone off and rebooting but it made no difference. My cell 5g icon was showing a full triangle, but occasionally it would show a small + over the icon meaning I needed to turn it on??? but at jmy manage data area it

  • Check your settings Mobile Network, then possibly Preferred network type to make sure you have is set for Automatic and are not limiting the connectivity to one type.
    • Is that a + or an x you saw as the x is no signal detected (usually)

Thanks! I had some wrong buttons turned on.

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