Cell Phone Issues


I have had a phone for barely a year then i dropped it in a pot hole on the sidewalk while trying to put it in my back pocket … I tried to fix it on my own and made the screen worse … this said phone has been broken for more than 1 year now however, it still works but I cannot view said screen because it no longer has a glass screen … what do i do ? is it cheaper to fix or buy a new phone I’ve been also trying to get my photos and contacts off of said phone but sadly I cannot :’( Without a viewable screen PLEASE HELP (tried to plug into computer via usb port but it won’t read nor show up on computer


so the phone is 2 years old?
what phone?

after a year you pulled the glass off the face of the phone? hope you did not cut yourself.

still works, how do you answer it when a call comes in? just wondering…

in order for the computer to see your phone you will need to load the drivers for the phone onto the computer, again need to know what phone
next, most of the time, you will need to swipe down from the top of the phone and change from charge to file transfer… or some other wording…so you can transfer files/pics

if you had the phone syncing with your google gmail account you can find then at these links on your account…


you will need to log in to the same gmail account you used on the phone and
again it will only work if you allowed your info to be synced to google account

hope this helps

depends on how attached to the phone you are…
if the phone is really 2 years old and your not attached, then go for a new phone…
technology marches on


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