Cell phone service not available for voice calls

Hey, why can’t I make cell phone calls on my nifty Republic Wireless cell phone? I get this stupid message about “Cell phone service not available for voice calls.”

This is a MAJOR inconvenience when I want to order Chinese food – and a possible DISASTER in an emergency situation.

Actually, the weird message reads “Cellular network not available for voice calls.” If I can’t use my cell phone for making phone calls, THEN WHAT GOOD IS IT?

Can you tell us the make, model and generation phone you are having this issue on? Is this happening on cell or WiFI? Any other details about this issue could be helpful.

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I found that I always have to enter the area code regardless if I’m in the same area code I’m calling or not.

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That’s correct. All dialing is 10-digit dialing.

Hi @thomass.jfuu3jm

It’s been nearly a week since we last heard from you. Have you been able to get your phone to make calls? Are you still needing help with this issue?

I am having the same problems, on wifi or cell service. NEED TO KNOW HOW SOLVE THIS ASAP I have a Moto G6 play, newish, and on MyChoice. IT drops calls to one number also

Hi @arlieh,

Could you please open a ticket on the issue?

This sounds like T-Mobile’s known issue requiring a restart after traveling from one area to another. In this situation one’s phone will connect to an AT & T tower it will not roam on even in the presence of an adequate T-Mobile signal. In my own experience it occurs when moving in and out of band 12 coverage. Perhaps he restarted his phone and is good to go.

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