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what phones can I buy at local stores that I can transfer all my contents to. I have a Moto X 1st addition and want to get a new phone. I was told by a verizon carrier that I couldn’t transfer my republic wireless phone over. Can anyone help?

Not sure if u are asking what new phones you can buy at a store that will work on Republic, or what phones will work on Verizon as you intend to switch over.

For the latter, you will need to talk to VZW for that.

As far as using a new phone on Republic…

You will need to purchase a phone from Republic online store if you want to be 100% sure it is compatible.

Other wise, see the list here. Republic only supports certain North American Factory Unlocked phones (not carrier unlocked:

Also note, Since u have a Legacy Moto X1 phone, those are locked to the Refund based plan.
The new phones are only fro the My Choice plan ($15 + $5 per 1GB).

Hi @janicep.knqalj,

Since you mentioned speaking to someone at Verizon, are you trying to move from Republic to Verizon? If so, you’ll want to talk to them about what phones are compatible with their service.

The content on your phone can be moved easily to any new Android phone.


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