Cell service in Bali Indonesia?



I’m traveling to Bali Indonesia for two weeks and am wondering what protocol I should follow, so I don’t have any issues using my (Moto X pure) cellphone. I have always had issues in every Asian country when trying to make a call, or anything phone related. This is the first time I’m traveling there while having this RW phone and service. How shall I best proceed? Anyone have good experience switching to an alternative simcard, or some other good tips? (This is in case the hotel WiFi is subpar, or i need to maintain phone contact/internet searchability while outside the range of any free WiFi areas.) Please help


There will be no cell service anywhere outside US. You will have the same service on wifi, as you do at home. Meaning, you can call/text the US/Canada, but not local numbers. There will be no usable emergency calling while there. (If you made an emergency call it would be routed over wifi to a US dispatch center based on your e911 address).

I recommend that upon departure you put your phone in airplane mode and then manually turn wifi back on. This will keep your phone from searching for a cell signal it will never find (and very rapidly draining your battery), but still allow you to use the only capabilities that will work there.

You can also obtain a local SIM card, and place it in your phone for use while abroad. There is some great information here: International Travel with a Republic Phone


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