Cell # Spoofed to send Group Text Message

It appears today, that someone is using my cell phone number to send a text to a group of people that I do not know concerning some sort of loan rate or banking rate, etc. Several of the people in the group responded with ‘please remove’ and some others responded with obscenities. I just deleted there text message. The problem just started today. Can RW help or any ideas as to how prevent or fix ? Thank you

There is little anyone can do because this isn’t a problem caused by the network or the phone. It’s very likely that the problem will remedy itself and the spammers will move on and spoof a different callerID.

Spoofing is a crime as it violates the Truth In Caller ID Act. You can try to track down the source yourself, but it’s an intense task and usually doesn’t lead to enough information to get the police involved.

More information on stopping and reporting “spoofing” is available at https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/spoofing-and-caller-id

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