Cell to cordless voice mail problem

Background: I recently replaced my landline with Republic and Moto X 1st gen phone. Bought AT&T cordless phones with bluetooth and paired it to the Moto X We can now have 3 party conversations with callers via the cordless phones.

Problem: How to get voicemails to record on cordless phone installation. Has anyone tried this kind of setup? Any suggestions on coordinating cell & cordless voicemail messages?

Thanks, mnsteve


I do the same thing and so does a few others here. I use an Xlink box as the go between from my Moto E1 to the cordless unit because the cordless is older than dirt with new batteries. I turn the ringer off on the cell (none for ringtone) the cell phone catches the call using Ring.To to to forward the call to cell, after that happens the cell bluetooths to the Xlink box which connects to the cordless phone answering machine. If I don’t pick up the call (screen my calls) It goes to voicemail. If I answer it I can do so with 1 of 5 different cordless handsets or the cell phone so in fact I can answer a call 6 ways.

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Thanks bocephous. I now have the ring tone turned off. the incoming call does link to my cordless phone and I can carry on conversations that way. When incoming calls go to voicemail, they still go to the Republic(?) vm instead of my cordless vm. Is there a way to disable the cell vm thus allowing the cordless vm system to kick in?

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