Cellular Activating Loop

Dear Republic Wireless Team,

I have a Moto G (1st Gen) that I’ve been using since 2014. Just yesterday I noticed that my cellular service disappeared and that I had no cell bars and a message that said “searching for service” at all times.

I came to the community page to try to resolve the problem and found the suggestion to do the following:
Open the Phone app.
Dial ##72786#

I did that and received the Cellular Activating screen, but haven’t been able to get out of that screen since it started. The phone will periodically power down on its own and then restart the process.

Will somebody please help me? The reason why I started on down this road was because my phone decided it no longer had any service, which was the initial problem. Now I’m stuck in the endless loop of Cellular Activation screens.

Thank you!

When you are trying to do this…have you seen the cellular signal reappear on your phone…if not it is likely that there might be a hardware issue with your cellular signal.

The detailed instructions for “wipe cellular settings” that you are trying to do with the code are listed at the bottom of this document

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Hi @trumans,

It looks like you were able to get assistance from our Help team and that by using the Help Articles below you were able to resolve the issue.

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