Cellular data does not work


I have a Moto G4. I recently purchased cellular data, 2gb. The phone will not work with cell data, only wifi. I turn the wifi off and try to use data and it will not work. I notice there is an ! on the cell data icon when I’m trying to use it. The Republic app says that I have 1022mb available.


Welcome to the Republic Community! The ! indicates that cell data isn’t flowing, let’s start with a quick thing to try and see if it resolves the issue. With wifi on, and while connected to wifi, go to the dialer, as if you were going to make a call and enter *#*#8647#*#* When you do this, the number should quickly clear off the screen. When it does, restart the phone.

After restarting the phone, turn off wifi, are you still having the issue?

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@barryw.ymj7hx Are you still having this issue?