Cellular Data Footprint Report emails?


Hey there!

Republic used to send a “Cellular Data Footprint Report” monthly, but the last time I received one was June 6, 2018, for May 2018. I really enjoyed these and would like to continue receiving them. I have not opted out.

Did Republic stop sending these emails? If so, please consider bringing them back!




Hi @adriennel,

Did you upgrade your phone or your plan?

They are sent to members on our 1.0 “Unlimited” plan.


Thanks for asking! I feel like I should still be receiving it. I did add another phone and service to my account, but I still have a phone on the 1.0 “Unlimited” plan.

Can my account be updated so I receive it for the phone and service on the 1.0 “Unlimited” plan? Thank you!!


Hi @adriennel,

We sent the data footprint E-mail yesterday, and from what our marketing team can see, your E-mail address was included and the E-mail did not bounce back.

If you didn’t receive it could you check your spam folder, and if your E-mail provider organizes E-mail into tabs, perhaps the different tabs?


@southpaw I got it for the first time in months, in December! Yay!


Does this mean once we upgrade to the “my choice” plans, we don’t get that cool monthly report anymore?
I used to like to see the average of the community vs “me”.


Hi @muerte33,

I’m afraid that is the case.

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