Cellular data usage on a wifi data only plan?



I am a total newbie here, and activated Moto E4 on the “$15 wifi data only plan” 3 hours ago, but already noticed that “2.7 MB cellular data usage” appearing within the “Setting” app. How did that happen? Am I going to be charged for that that 2.7 MB cell data usage even though I am on the basic wifi-only plan?

I made some calls and sent some text over the cell network, that was it.


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That is totally normal to see and you will not be charged for the data you see being used.

RW phone uses some data for calls, texting and normal use. That small amount of data is on RW and included in all plans.


thank you very much for the clarification. that was what I was guessing.


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RW is a prepaid service. You pay your monthly charges at the beginning of the cycle. You don’t pay for anything else at the end of the month. If it works, it is included. Talking of included features…be sure to check out Republic Anywhere

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If you end up upgrading to a plan that includes cellular data. You will be able to track your cellular data (that is charged towards your plan) in the Cell Data tab of the Republic Wireless App.


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