Cellular Data Usage on Moto G4 Plus BYOP Republic Sim Card


So I have an unlocked Moto G4 Plus and I recently ordered a sim card using the BYOP feature from Republic Wireless. The sim card came in the mail about a week ago and I opened it and inserted it into my phone so I could activate a plan when I was ready.

My problem/question is the following.

I am very worried/confused if somehow my phone activated a plan without me activating it a plan before I wanted to activate it.

I have the Republic Wireless app and when I have the sim card inserted into my phone, at the very top left corner of my screen there is a triangle icon with a exclamation mark saying “Republic wireless Not activated on republic well help you get up and running” then it says “Grant app permissions” sometimes.

When I open the republic wireless app it also says “Get activated” implying I am not activated.

When I also went to my account settings on this website it says I have no phones activated.

HOWEVER what has me very confused/worried is this.

When I went into the settings of my phone I noticed there was a tab called something like “data usage or cellular usage”

When I clicked on it I am brought to a screen which shows me my cellular usage.

I am looking at it right now and in big green letters it says “12mb cellular data”

and under that is a bar that shows 0b and to the right 2.00gb

it says I used 12.01 cellular data between the dates of July 11-Aug10

Then under that it says billing cycle monthly starting on the 11th every month

So what does this mean???

Am I only a plan or something??? Because I am confused how I used 12mb of cell data when I thought I was NOT on a plan, yet it is saying I used 12mb of cellular data???

And it made me worried that I was somehow going to be charged for this data at the end of the month when I never activated any cellular plan so I am confused how my cell data was on and I used 12mb

Basically, I bought this sim card from Republic and put it in my phone and I was going to activate a plan in about a week from now and I want to make sure that this sim card isn’t some how charging me right now when I never picked a plan.

Because it keeps spamming me permissions to access my apps and grant access to them and I wanted to make sure it didn’t somehow accidentally get access to anything because I am confused how i used 12mb of cell data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I do want service soon and I am going to pay for service but I wanted to make sure in the meantime that its not charging me for stuff I am unaware about.


Hi @davidh.swnsvw!

I can assure you that as long as your do not have the phone activated with Republic, you will not be charged anything. Republic will not steal your credit card or payment information ;). That being said, I am not sure why it says that. I would be inclined to say that it is just a mistake (it might be counting Wi-Fi data).



Some data may be used by RW to send the notifications you are seeing. RW phones usually use some cell data that customers are never charged for in order to work on the RW system. As mb2x you will not be charged for any data unless the phone is activated on one of the 3.0 plans with data.


Well I know for sure the 12mb isn’t my home wifi because at the very bottom of my data usage tab when I click onto that tab in my phone settings it shows my home wifi data usage and I used over 50+gb this month.

I was just worried over the 12mb wondering if I was some how using data on RW when I never actually activated anything.

Apparently my cell data tab was just on by itself so I just turned it off just in case a day ago.

IT allows me to click on “cellular data usage” which is the 12mb I am talking about.

When I click on it it brings me to a page that shows me how much MB was used by what apps, ect.

I’ll just give a quick example of what it says.

For example it shows google play services saying 4.98mb, it shows outlook (my email app) as using 2.18mb, ect.

Everything else is really low.

So I guess I am confused what this page means, if it means that I was using cellular data??? Because I am very confused how I used cell data if thats true using my email and google play when I do not even recall downloading anything on google play and also I never activated any plan that I am aware of. Plus it keeps spamming me to activate and grant app permissions so I am assuming its not activated.

On that same page at the top it says “Carrier data counting may differ from device accounting”


Is there a way I would know 100% sure if I have RW activated? and would start being charged, because I do want to choose a plan this week or next week, I was just making sure what this 12mb cell data was about in my data usage tab.


Yes. Correct me if I am wrong, but the phone would need to be activated to be able to get data, correct? That would go for system data as well.


Yes. Go to the Republic app and if it prompts you for activation, it’s not activated. Additionally, if you would like, go ahead and disable wifi. Then go to settings, then About phone, then Status, and then SIM card status. The slot that says “Phone number” should be empty. If your phone was activated, there would be a number there. You said that you logged into your Republic account and you had no lines activated. I can definitely understand your concern, but there isn’t anything to worry about.


So I did what you said and went into my about phone settings

It says “Phone Number” and in that slot says “Unknown”

I’m not sure if thats the same thing as it not being activated

There is also a slot that says “service state” and in that slot it says “In Service”


System data meaning small amounts used by phone/RW for the phone to operate and which is not deducted from a plans GB(s) of data?

The phone will use some system data prior to activation. Example, one logging into their RW account prior to or during activation. Suspect RW’s nags to activate require data also.


Yes but that would be WiFi data. You need wifi to activate a phone. You can’t activate if your not on WiFi.


That’s not what was recommended. Open the RW app.

Don’t believe us and if still too worried please remove your SIM until ready to activate.


Yes. I have an unactivated E4 with a RW SIM in it and it has that same thing. That phone is not activated. If your phone was activated, it would have a number thete ;).



Good points.


Alright, thanks everyone, and I like the fact this forum actually gives answers because sometimes people on other website forums really suck at answering questions or concerns. I’m going to just take my bets and say I think its not activated then, and yea, when I go to the app it just ask me to activate it, it was just the 12mb of data I seen in my settings that really had me confused on how that was there.

Plus everything everyone said gave me more reinsurance to make me less paranoid over it lol.

Because RW does have good deals on plans for my needs and I will definitely get on one soon, I just was about to be mad if somehow my phone was activated without me even knowing and I haven’t been using the cell data and was about to be charged at the end of the month lol

Thanks for everyones comments/replies


@davidh.swnsvw I can assure you with 100% certainty that you will NOT be charged for any cellular services until you activate the phone. I am not sure why it is saying that but there is no cause for concern. The phone cannot use cellular data until it is activated or an active SIM is placed into the phone-period.


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