Cellular Data while on a cell call

I’m using a Pixel 2 and originally had a GSM SIM and could use data while I was on a call. A while ago I changed to a CDMA SIM to try to resolve some coverage issues and I noticed that I can’t be on a cell call and still access cell data. This has burned me a few times such as pulling up to a car wash and needing to find a coupon code, or trying to get directions at a stop light while on a bluetooth call.

I know CDMA had this issue years ago, but I had assumed it no longer a thing. Is this by design still, or are there settings I need to change on my phone since I had been using GSM?

If it is by design, and since my coverage hasn’t dramatically increased, can I reuse my old GSM SIM, or is it a one-time use and I need to get a new replacement?

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I’m afraid that CDMA only supports simultaneous voice and data when the voice is going over VoLTE. And more unfortunate is that Sprint has very little VoLTE capable sites in their network, although they’re slowly expanding.

As far as your GSM SIM, how long has it been deactivated for?


I think about 2 months?

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A deactivated SIM card can be reactivated within 20 days of deactivation…otherwise you will need to acquire a new SIM card. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get it from amazon and save on shipping

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Support will replace a SIM card a no cost for coverage reasons.


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