Cellular Network Connection


Yes. There is a difference there. Further, when the issue presents itself, the #6 notification appears. However, within seconds, the “No access to cell data” disappears and we are left with #5 notification.


@bryank.cbt1qi et al
There is certainly a lot of interesting data that has been identified during this discussion … good work all !.

  • Hopefully it has been captured and provided to Republic via the Ticketing process?
    • The Notifications and their sequence/timing of change combined with cell tower information (like the RAW data provided by Network Cell Info Lite could possibly provide additional information that could be used by RW.
  • The actual network states in the Android code is used to build the user friendly Notifications we see, but there also would be additional underlying technical information not made available to us

Please keep this updated with your findings and if you choose the Ticketing process, please mention the Ticket number here (none of us have access to the ticket or any of your data)


I have had a help ticket, which remains open, with Republic since January 5, regarding this issue. Ticket No. 1566977. I tried all of the suggested fixes to no avail. Republic’s last idea was to switch the SIM card from GSM to CDMA. I have received the new CDMA SIM card but have not tried to activate it. As I explained earlier, in my home area, GSM coverage is better than CDMA coverage. Changing to a CDMA SIM may cure one problem but create another if I have no service. I’m confident that this is a software problem that will need to be resolved by Republic.


ok, good to know, and assuming it is a software problem (actual bug or Android process change) Republic will probably not be able to provide a ‘fix’.
If you could add the new info you provided (some of which is outlined above it may help. If not could you add the link to this discussion in the open ticket?


Why not try the CDMA SIM? If it doesn’t work out, you can go back to the same GSM SIM as long as you do it within 20 days.


The CDMA SIM has been swapped into one phone. Took a few minutes to get it to pickup the CDMA coverage but it appears to be working as expected on a Talk & Text only plan. While certain areas around the zip code provided has much better CDMA coverage, the are areas (zip code 26201) that offer better GSM coverage. The GSM coverage is good enough in both locations so that @bryank.cbt1qi is desirous of keeping it. There are spots that he needs cell coverage around the 26201 zip code that CDMA does not cover. However, GSM is full strength. I appreciate all the input. If anyone comes up with any other ideas, I would love to hear them. Hopefully, RW will review this and add a little extra input.

@jben, we’ll try and get some more info from the app you suggested and get it posted after the weekend. Anything specific you would like to see?


Here’s the problem with GSM coverage in that zip code (26301). It isn’t supported. If you try to buy a BYOP SIM in that zip, it tells you that it’s not supported. The reason? It’s all roaming coverage, and roaming coverage is generally not reliable for long term use. It is also very expensive to provide roaming coverage. That’s why T-Mobile themselves will not sell you service in that area.


Yes, we are aware of that problem in the general area. However, zip codes such as 26241 & 26452 both have excellent GSM coverage. And while we also realize that roaming coverage is not ideal as primary coverage with any service provider, it comes down to what will work best most of the time where needed. At both home and work, WiFi is available, CDMA or GSM doesn’t matter. When traveling in this area, flip a coin of which works better (between true coverage and roaming). Also, when traveling outside of our area for work, there are times where GSM, albeit roaming, is still better than absolutely nothing with CDMA.

I guess what I’m saying is I get where everyone is coming from. The issue really falls back to why did it work for the last three months and now not work at all? If something changed in an agreement somewhere so that the GSM provider no longer offers support for texting over the roaming, then someone should just state that. End of discussion, no problems. The other question still remains why the phone will connect to the roaming GSM tower and work without issue until the phone “sleeps?” Can’t understand why it only works sometimes.


Republic’s GSM partner has literally no coverage in 26201. Republic’s CDMA partner on the other hand reports “Excellent” (Their best coverage) in 26201. CDMA is highly likely to provide better coverage in 26201, 26301 and all surrounding areas.


While I agree with that statement generally, actually standing in the area with the phone says otherwise. Again, as I mentioned to @cbwahlstrom, this coverage may be roaming. And yes, CDMA is better coverage for the most part. But again, when out working on farm equipment that can be quite dangerous, I would rather have GSM roaming signal at full strength as opposed to nothing from CDMA if something were to happen.


Honestly, that being the case, I would go ahead and get yourself service from AT&T which is the network you’re seeing the roaming coverage from.


Also a good idea. But we just love RW to much to leave. Worse case scenario, he’ll just deal with the CDMA coverage to keep from leaving. In the meantime, we are just trying to figure out why GSM worked for the previous three months and now is giving us trouble. Why does it connect and work just fine on a reboot only to disconnect after the phone sleeps?

This isn’t really a matter of “CDMA is better in your area than GSM.” This is GSM worked fine until a couple weeks ago. What gives?

  • I think the RAW data tab in the app would provide a good shot.
  • I have never really put much stock in relying on Zip code for cell coverage (holdover from my days at IBM where we piloted a service tool with Motorola, and initially the antennas were put up based on engineering specs by zip code. It failed miserably and they had to move a bunch of radios to better match our customer locations)
    RootMetrics offers a different way of mapping (see this previous discussion)


I get it, but the GSM coverage in that area is bad enough that Republic won’t sell you that coverage there (they show as not available) and even the GSM partner won’t sell you service there. I don’t know whether the OS update, a Republic update or the coverage is to blame, but it’s likely that neither Republic nor the partner will spend much effort investigating since roaming coverage is on a “best efforts” basis.


Thanks @louisdi for that candid response. To some extent, that is the answer we have been looking for. If this is something that neither Republic or the partner is willing to look into, it becomes a moot point. There is still a ticket open with Republic on this issue and a link to this thread has been provided. I would like to see the issue resolved, or a definitive answer as to whether or not its going to be looked into beyond our discussion here.


Let me add a couple of disclaimers:

  1. I am NOT an employee nor do I have any inside information as to what Republic may decide to troubleshoot or not. My response is simply based on past experience.
  2. Republic may indeed be interested in the issue if it turns out it is THEIR app that’s the issue.
  3. If it’s an Android update that broke roaming coverage they’d likely still be interested, but have little ability to fix the issue (other than opening a bug ticket with Google)
  4. If it turns out to be a coverage issue then I think you’d see no ability/interest to explore further because it is out of Republic’s hands as to what roaming coverage is provided by their partner’s partner.


No worries @louisdi. I understand you don’t work for Republic. All I was saying was that I was glad you made an direct comment on the exact situation including making suggestions for a remedy. I was hoping that Republic would look into it.


If you were roaming on AT&T in WV or basically anywhere else while using T-Mobile’s GSM services and no longer have it, this article from Dec, 2011 may explain why.

“Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s parent company, has worked out a deal with AT&T that gives T-Mobile USA several new perks. On top of the cash (which isn’t really that significant at this scale) T-Mobile also receives spectrum licenses from AT&T in 128 US markets and a 7-year roaming agreement with AT&T that expands T-Mobile’s potential customer base by 50 million subscribers.”

It appears that T-Mobile and AT&T didn’t renew the expired roaming agreement due to TMO no longer getting the very favorable roaming rates.

Here is a Reddit link where this was discussed this last summer.


Interesting article but this issue didn’t start 8 years or 8 months ago and it’s not due to an unsuccessful takeover. This issue started for me two weeks ago and most recently yesterday when I updated my second Republic phone to Android 9.0 Pie. It’s clearly a software problem that needs to be addressed by either Republic or Google. If I knew yesterday what I know today I would’ve never updated to Android 9.0. I understand that roaming isn’t perfect but it beats not having any service at all. Despite what has been previously reported in this forum, there is absolutely no CDMA cellular service in the area in which I live. I should know because I have two other Republic phones that run on CDMA and without WiFi they are nothing but a good paper weight. Everybody wants to place blame this issue on the roaming and non-existent partners. I have been utilizing two phones on the GSM network for almost 3 months and have not experienced one dropped call or one unsent message even when the signal was weak. That all changed when they were updated to Android 9.0. I need a phone service that will work not another paper weight.