Cellular network not available for voice calls and text is not transmitting

I keep getting the msg. Cellular network not available for voice calls. It worked fine two day ago.

Good Morning @williamm.brp5hl,

I see from your profile you have a Moto E4. It’s likely we can sort this by updating the operating system software on your phone. To do so:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll to, then tap About phone.
  3. Tap System updates.
  4. Accept any available updates.

You’ll probably need to repeat the above steps more than once as we’re seeing the need to apply multiple sequential updates to achieve resolution. Once your phone stops offering updates, please restart it and let us know if the issue is resolved or not.

Republic’s word on the matter is here: Connectivity Problems on Cell/WiFi and SIM Errors on Moto E4 – Republic Help.


I followed the directions above, when I logged on to System Update I got the following msg.: Opp! You need a data connection to check for update, I tried turning off airplane mode. No other messages. Where I live there is to the best of my knowledge no WiFi.

Hi @williamm.brp5hl,

You will need a WiFi connection to get the needed updates. Might publicly avaialble WiFi (stores, restaurants, public libraries, etc.) be in your area? Ordinarily, the needed updates can be downloaded over cell data, however, since the phone refuses to acknowledge its SIM without the updates, that won’t work in this case.

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