Cellular Network not available for voice calls error message suddenly appearing


I am using the Moto G5 Plus
My wife is using the Moto X 2nd Gen
I am on Choice Plan, she is on the fixed $15/mo plan.
Both include voice, data, and text.
We have been RW users for a long time.

This morning we both began getting the “Cellular Network not available for voice calls”. I have tried to dial her, (and others not using RW), from home, using the wi-fi connection of course. She was out shopping and I assume she was not on a wi-fi network.
This has never happened before.
My phone says I’m connected to our wifi network.
Neither of us are now able to initiate phone calls, to ourselves or others. Texting seems unaffected.
We can receive incoming calls.
Any help?


If I had to guess, I would say that the cellular tower(s) in your area are having a problem. If the problem has not already resolved itself, I would recommend opening a help ticket.


This problem went away yesterday after about 5 hours. Cellular towers were not down. I did a factory reset a week ago, maybe it was just catching up. Thanks for the answers.


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