"cellular network not available for voice calls". How to fix?

comments on using android auto

Hi @johnv.0mfgla,

Are you seeing this error only when using Android Auto?

I quit using Android uto. My desktop computer is located on the ground floor. When I went upstairs the problem went away. My phone connected to the WiFi. I don’t want this to happen again. I wish rgere was a way ro get help faster,

Hi @johnv.0mfgla,

I’m very confused by everything so far. Did you mean to type “comments on using Android Auto” in your first post?

It sounds like your phone may have lost the WiFi connection when you were downstairs, and also did not not have a cellular connection. Do you usually have cell signal at home?

We offer lots of ways to get help. You posted in our Member Community where, for the most part, our members help one another with questions about our phones, our service, and our policies. To get quicker answers, sometimes it’s helpful to give some details in your question about what you’re seeing, what the circumstances are, and how we can help. Your title suggested a cellular network problem, but your post indicated you wanted comments about Android Auto. I think people were too confused to reply.

But our Member Community is not the only way to get help. We also offer help by conversations with our Expert members, chat with trained agents, and Help Ticket conversations with our award-winning Help Team. Even though all of our help begins online, you can ask our Help Team to assist you by phone call.
You can read about all of the ways to get help from Republic here: Contact – Republic Wireless

We’ll be glad to continue to assist you here in Community, but if you prefer to seek help from our Help Team, we understand.


To clarify. I no longer use Android Auto. I have no questions on that subject. The problem with not being able to make cell phone calls on my network was new and caused me a lot of grief. I reconnected to the network several times withiut fixing the problem. After woking on it for two hours I gave up. It would have been nice to be able to talk to someone about what to do. Republic seems steadfast in refusing to provide the spoken word. I am 85 and I don’t want to waste time struggling in the dark trying fix problems I don’t understand. There must be a better way!

Hi @johnv.0mfgla,

Thanks for the additional clarity.

Although our support begins online, our Help Team is always happy to assist you by phone. Any time you have a question for them, simply open a Help Ticket, describe the issue, and let them know that you prefer help over the phone. They will be glad to talk to you.

Two hours is a long time to try to fix something, and I’m sorry you felt you were alone in this matter.

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