Cellular network not available for voice calls in the Philippines


What phone do you have? Motorola G4

What plan are you on? Unlimited Talk & Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? !GB

Issue Description

I’m in the Philippines. Thought I would have ability to make phone calls via WiFi. When I try and make a call I get this message, " Cellular network not available for voice calls "

I have found nothing helpful in the community, especially for the G4. So far I have tried removing the SIM Card, rebooting, reinserting the card and rebooting as well as clearing the cache.

WiFi good at this location.

Last week one call did go through at another location and one test call to my USA answering machine from my primary location from this location today. Seems to be an unresolved Republic issue. There should be some kind of disclaimer in the advertising stating that this is a beta feature and may not work in all locations.


put your phone in airplane mode and then turn wifi back on

should let you then make wifi calls without cell error message

you need ports open on the router for wifi calling

make sure whomever controls the router has them open for you…


Yes, I read this suggestion before. Also the fact that it doesn’t work. You just get a message saying to ‘Turn off airplane mode to make a call.’

When turned off you get ‘Cellular network not available for voice calls’ .

Goes back to point that there should be a disclaimer, since the feature does not perform as advertised. There is no way you can configure ISP ports from some backwater.

Will use another service next time I go overseas and need to communicate back to the USA.

In my experience this is typical performance for Republic.


did you check with the wifi router owner to see if the ports are open

if the phone can’t get to the RW servers over wifi …

  1. turn on airplane mode
  2. tap the wifi icon on the shade to turn it back on
  3. did it connect to the wifi
  4. open the web browser and see if you can browse the internet
  5. if you can’t browse then you don’t have internet connection even if the phone is connected to wifi.
    given that a lot of countries block internet connection
  6. if you can get to the internet via wifi with the cell off / airplane mode on
    check to see if the ports that RW needs are open on the router. if the ports or blocked / not open then you will not be able to get to the RW servers and you will not VOIP


I opened WiFi modem (PLDT Model MRN243R4-2T2R-A6) and could find nothing under any tab about ports. As I said before, I was able to make one test call and then nothing.


PLDT new protocol - Deny user access to their modem.

they may have blocked you after you made the test call…


I had a similar message on my phone after I moved to West Virginia. It is about a half mile to where I can get a signal.

I saw a recommendation to change to “the Marshmallow dialer” so I picked one out from the Play Store and installed it. Because that dialer app does things differently I no longer get the error message and no longer have to rely on using my Google Voice number on GV or Hangouts to make calls with my Republic number.


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