Cellular phone call VoIP data usage


I know what my current non RW cellular data usage is month to month. What I would like to know is if I have the wifi turned off on the RW plan and the VoIP phone call comes over the cellular network rather than wifi, approximately how much of the data plan is used up per minute of a phone call? MB per minute for the call.


None. Voice calls do not use any of your cellular data allotment. Texts also do not count against your cellular data allotment.


On Republic if there is no WiFi your phones voice calls go though the voice channel of the backbone carrier, so no data is used and this is included in the plan cost


And I believe that includes MMS, as opposed to just SMS. Nice. :relaxed:


Like SMS, MMS (picture and group messaging) does not count against one’s purchased cell data. Many competitive service providers, unlike Republic, do count MMS against purchased cell data.


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