Cellular Service in Vermont

My son will be returning from a year abroad as an exchange student soon. He was on RW before leaving and I am considering reactivating his phone on RW after his return. He has an unlocked Galaxy S7 and would be on the My Choice plan with 1 GB.

He will be starting studies at the University of Vermont (Burlington) in August. While on campus he will have wifi access, but I’m concerned about cellular connectivity when he is traveling around Vermont.

Can anyone comment about their experiences using RW in Vermont?
Any recommendations for better cellular connectivity?


Hi @jaero2,

I have no experience Vermont. After viewing T-Mobile and Sprint coverage maps both of RW’s cell networks appear to have coverage there.


I live in Stowe, VT, and have been on RW for over 5 years. Coverage in my somewhat rural area is pretty good - not perfect. I have a GSM sim. I know coverage is much better in the Burlington area than in the more rural areas. I would definitely give RW a try. Go Catamounts!


I live in CT, but spend at least a week each summer in VT. We’ve had really good coverage in Stowe and Burlington. However, when you get into the mountains, things get spotty. When we went to Hill Farmstead we didn’t have coverage in many places.

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