Certified Pre-owned phones now appearing, as available, in our online store!


Our Republic Wireless online store will now offer Certified Pre-owned phones at a discounted price whenever we have inventory available. Look for the "Certified Pre-owned" logo (above) when shopping our online store.

They’ll include a image notice on their individual web page.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider purchasing a Certified Pre-owned phone:
:heavy_check_mark: These phones are supported for use on the Republic Wireless network - no guessing!
:heavy_check_mark: These phones include our 14-day Money Back Guarantee
:heavy_check_mark: These phones include a wall charger, Republic Wireless SIM card, and a getting-started guide.
:point_right: These phones do not include a manufacturer’s warranty.
:point_right: These phones are added to the store when they are available, and only while supplies last. If you do not see the phone you want listed as “Certified pre-owned” it is not available. It’s that simple; no need to ask.

More information about our Certified Pre-owned phones is available on our Certified Pre-owned Info page.

Please note: We do not purchase or buy back used phones for this program.


Wow. The phone options from RW have even gotten more affordable! :slight_smile:

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Is there any chance that any of the Republic 1.0/2.0 phones will become available under this Certified Pre-Owned program?

Given that those phones have not been available new for literally years, there’s likely no inventory to make available under such a program, so I would say, no.

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Hi @grampa,

We will not be selling 1.0/2.0 phones in our online store again.

Are you in need of one, or just curious?

thanks for the reply, southpaw

Am I in need of one or just curious? My 1st gen Moto X has battery issues but I’m still able to make due with it for now, so I guess you could say that I’m curious to know if this might be an option when I do become in need of one in the future.

I have another question regarding the Certified Pre-Owned program. A friend of mine recently replaced his 2nd gen Moto X with a new Moto G6 which he bought on the RW website. He told me that at first the G6 showed as out of stock but he was able to put in a request to be notified when it was once again available, and he later received an email notification and ordered the phone. So my question is this: Will we be able to put in a similar request to be notified when Certified Pre-Owned phones become available?

There is nothing in the online store that allows you to be notified when an out-of-stock phone is in stock. That would be a neat feature. It is not something we will be offering for Certified Pre-owned phones.

I’m guessing he either signed up for our marketing E-mails at the bottom of our home page:


and then received the announcement that the G6 was available, or he participated on our announcement topic and received my reply there in his E-mail.

Edited to add:

Would a car charger or Motorola Power Pack Slim 5100 help you extend the phone’s life a bit longer?

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