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I have a moto 5g+ and do not like it and want to go back to my moto x, how do I change back. I changed SIM cards and it will not activate.


Dennis, Is the Moto X either a 1st or 2nd Gen? If so, it should have had the original SIM card in it and you’ll need that to be in it to activate the phone properly. If it is a Moto X Pure or X4, then it could be that the phone is CDMA activated and you can’t move the SIM. If the phone is an X Pure or X4, can you take a look at the SIM? Is the word “Republic” in gray/black or is the “public” part in green?


If your old phone was the older Moto X1 or X2 they need to keep their original SIM card in them they should not be removed, unless support tells you to. If it is a new Moto X Pure or Moto X4 you will probably need to get a new SIM but there is a small change that you will not need one, but we will need to know more before we can help sort that out.


Hi @dennisw.u3f9al,

Please let us know if you need any additional help moving back to the Moto X.

Is there something in particular you don’t like about the G5+?


Need help with the same topic. My Moto X Gen 2 has a minor issue where the speaker stopped working after having a replacement screen put on. Shop found information talking about the issue but nothing saying how to resolve it. For a while I just bought a blue tooth and used that to get by the issue. But decided to take the plunge and get a new phone. Went with the Samsung J7 thinking Android was Android. Um no. Also either I have no idea how to change the right settings but I can’t seem to get text messages unless I’m on WiFi and I have used none of my data. I’ve missed calls and text messages. I can’t use this and it is causing problems. I need to know how to get things switched back to my Moto X with the original plan. It was the 3 GB for 25, I also had a discount because I started all the way back with the Beta Test and have been a customer ever since. I’ll be honest I don’t know if it is the new phone or the new plan but this all seems like a giant step backwards. But for now I need to know how to get my Moto X Gen 2 active again. I’m thinking I will just eat the cost on the new phone and hang onto it for now as a backup in case the Moto X dies but not happy at the moment at all.


Hi @jarg9999

The first thing you should know is that the Moto X2 would have been on Sprints CDMA network. The Galaxy J7, is a GSM only phone (meaning it lacks a CDMA radio), therefore would be on RW’s GSM partner. How long have you had the J7?.

Would you mind posting your Zip code?


I’ve had it about a week. My zip is 32514. I never thought of having to check again for coverage since I had a working RW phone. Thanks. I did message with someone in support and it seems there was a glitch in my setup and so now the phone is acting a little better but I’m still not loving the J7 compared to the Moto X. I made the mistake of thinking Android was Android and didn’t realize how much was Moto VS Samsung. Arg.


To be honest, I don’t know if it’s the difference in phones or the plan or what but hate is probably too strong of a word but it is the easiest way to get across how I feel about the new phone. Or the over all experience. I hate it. And I’ve been with RW since the Beta. Feeling very disappointed at the moment. Feels like they took a big step backwards. But shame on me as well for assuming, I could just buy a different phone from the same provider and it would work pretty much the same. Just frustrated. Thanks for your help.


No problem @jarg9999

Movng from legacy Moto phones to a Samsung device has a learning curve. My son chose one as a Bday upgrade, I did not understand it easily, but only played with it for a brief amount of time.

Good news is, you can return it for free.
Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help


Hi @jarg9999,

Since you’ve had the phone for only a week, you would still be covered by our 14-day money back guarantee. Would you consider the following:

  1. Go ahead and move back to your former phone. Just open the RW app and follow the steps to activate it, being sure to sign in with your same RW account and select your phone number rather than the option to activate as a new line of service.
  2. Re-activating the old phone will cancel the new phone, and if you’re still within the 14-day period, that would initiate the process to return the phone. Follow that process and return the phone for a refund. Only the initial shipping is not refunded.
  3. Allow me offer you a coupon good for the shipping cost of a different phone. I think if you’ll select one of our Motorola phones and we get you activated with a different SIM card providing the same coverage you now have, you’ll find the experience to be very much like that to which you are accustomed.

There is no reason to feel like you are stuck with a new phone you don’t like if you’re still within our return period.


Thank you for the information. I may consider doing that today or tomorrow. I’m still wrestling with how much of this is just me being not use to the phone. But I also understand the clock is ticking on the 14 days. Again, I do very much appreciate the info.


The coverage difference that is most likely the cause of these concerns…

… is not related to needing to adjust to a different brand of phone and learn its user interface.


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