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I’ve been a member for 8 years, currently have Moto G7 on My choice+1GB plan. My service in Columbia SC currently is great and has been great for the past 8 years. We have a second home in the Virginia and service there has been good until visits there within the past six months. My service now is non-existent there. I understand that we may have switched from Sprint to T-Mobile. Can anyone help with this problem ??.

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Hi @frankw.5bfytf and welcome to the Community!

We’ll do our best. To help with that, we need to confirm which SIM your Moto G7 is provisioned with. Here’s how to tell:

Please let us know if you see GSM (T-Mobile network) or CDMA (Sprint network) as the SIM type?

If comfortable sharing, a zip code (nothing more) for the area your second home in Virginia is located would help as well.


Thank you roland, my current sim is GSM and I’m pretty sure I was on Sprint back when I had cell service in zip 24325

Hi @frankw.5bfytf,

Indeed, you definitely want CDMA coverage in that area of Virginia. CDMA coverage is good in and around Columbia also. For technical reasons, Republic doesn’t make its CDMA SIM available for public sale. To request a CDMA SIM, please follow the process noted here:

For bullet point 2, I suggest using 3 addresses local to the area in Virginia.


Thank you very much, sure appreciate the great help thru the forum ( my first time needing help in 8 or so years)


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