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OK, in constant circles & NO answers. Trying to reduce a 6G data to 1G data on sons plan on my contract. There is NO link on desktop site to change data for OTHERS phones. Anyone know where to find out how to change a data plan on anothers phone on my account? Thanks.

you will do it on the phone you wish to reduce.
in other words get your sons phone and open the RW app
at the bottom of the screen manage my data
sign in with your email and password, at that point you can add more data now or change monthly data
be sure to sign out, upper right, closing the app does not sign you out at this time and if you don’t your son could add data… :slight_smile:


Just to add, if you are unable to access the phone (or, do not wish to provide your son with the sign-in credentials), you can open a ticket with Republic support staff and they can change the plan manually from their end.

Note that the downgrade will not go into effect until the start of your next billing cycle.

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Hi @rascaliwmc,

I’m dismayed to see your opening sentence. May I ask what circles you were going in that you were unable to get the help you needed? Was our support staff unable to answer your question?

I see that you have the correct answer now, and had it within just a few minutes of asking our Community, even late at night. Plan changes must be done on the affected phone itself using the account owner’s credentials, or by support ticket request from the account owner. Our development team is aware that there’s a need for this option by computer in the Account Portal.

Please let me know if there’s anything further we can do to help you.


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