Change from Moto X 1st Gen to Huawei


I am constantly having charging problems with my Moto X 1st
gen phone. Am thinking of giving up and buying the Huawei as a replacement. Is this a good idea?


Hi @billyq,

In all candor, in my opinion, I don’t think you’ll find the Huawei Ascend 5W to be an acceptable successor to your Moto X1. I have the phone in my household. While it’s a thoroughly decent phone (especially at $49), it is by no means a high-end phone. The X1 though a bit long in the tooth these days was Motorola’s flagship phone when released. OTOH, $49 is a relatively modest amount of money to gamble to see if it meets your needs. There is, of course, Republic’s Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help to fall back on as well.

If you decide to proceed, please review this also: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help. And, your plan will change: Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless.


There are a lot of subjective pieces to the equation here, and I’m going to skip those, and just address the one big item that you need to be aware of.

Your old phone runs with Sprint as its cellular carrier. The Huawei is not capable of being used with Sprint which means the coverage will be different. Depending where you are it could be the same, better or worse. This is the map for the coverage that the Huawei will have: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless


That depends upon a couple things. First of all, I assume you mean the Huawei Ascend 5W. If so, make sure it is optimized for coverage in your area (this phone uses the GSM cellular carrier, as opposed to the CDMA carrier you are on now). Secondly, you can take a look at some of the user reviews on the phone and decide if it’s what you’re looking for. Two such reviews (posted by the same person) are linked below:


OK, if I go with the Moto X4, will I still have the charging issues I have had with the Moto X1?


I wouldn’t expect that you’d have charging issues with any new phone. As for why you’re having charging issues with your X1, we would need more detail to determine if it might be something fixable. The X1 is an elderly phone by smartphone standards, so it may just be the battery giving out. Would you be able to more fully describe charging issues?


I have had sporadic charging issues since it was new, but they have gotten worse. You have a point, it may be just due to age though I like to hang on till I have to make a change. I have had the phone a little over 3 years so maybe I just need to bite the bullet a buy a new one. That being the case I guess it appears the Moto X4 or the Moto G would be my best choice. How best do I decide?


In my experience…each revision of the Moto X…is taking it down from a flagship phone…to a more mid-range phone. I started with a Moto X1 and I replaced it with a Moto X Pure. I also own
a G5+ and X4. I think for the price/features mix… you may want to look at the Moto G5+, especially the price for the 64GB on RW’s store is rather attractive.

One aspect to consider coming from your Sprint coverage on the X1…is that the X4 even though CDMA capable…is not able to put on the CDMA coverage with RW at this time. So you will be
limited to GSM coverage if you choose to go the X4 route.


Sporadic issues are always the worst to troubleshoot. As a starting point, you might try using the phone in Safe Mode, which disables all 3rd party apps. If the charging issue goes away in Safe Mode, you likely have an app conflict of some kind. Here’s how to engage Safe Mode: Safe Mode – Republic Help.

Deciding on which new phone to purchase is subjective. The Moto X4 is practically brand new. I’ve seen mixed reviews online (none related to battery issues). The G5+ has been around for a while and at its price point seems like a great value. It does, however, lack some features you may or may not be accustomed to using on your X1. Perhaps, this side-by-side comparison will be of use:,5425. Additionally, perhaps others who own one or both phones (I own neither) will opine with their experiences.


Would I have the Sprint coverage with the G5?


It’s one or the other…but yes…the G5+ is able to be put on Sprint coverage…albeit with the new 3.0 plans. The X4 will also be able to put on Sprint coverage…hopefully by end of the year…but as of today it will only work on the GSM coverage.


You could. Republic would send the phone configured for the network they feel is best in your area. Should it come GSM configured, it could be moved to CDMA. The X4 will come GSM considered. It is expected by the end of the year that you’ll be able to move it to CDMA.