Change from one RW phone to another RW phone


Expecting my new E4 any minute. Seems you should have one place that gives exact, step by step, instructions on how to transfer everything from old Moto X 1st to the new Moto E3. The only thing i can find on your site is from other people and not always complete. You need one page that gives precise details.

Is there such a place ?


There is not, because it is different by phone model, both from and to.

Generally, your Google synced items will move automatically if you use the same Google Account on both phones. This is likely to be at least contacts ( and maybe photos (

For other items, you’ll need to use a 3rd party sync app. I’ve had success with:


Every phone is so different and the what people what to move and what they have etc. The variables are just oo much. It is better to ask here and at some point, we will have all of them, as long as people search.