Change from Republic Galaxy S7 Edge to new Galaxy S10+ - keep my number - HOW?

Have my Republic SIM in my Galaxy S7 Edge (cracked screen). My new Galaxy S10+ just arrived from Republic. It has a SIM installed. I want to TRANSFER my number AND data from my S7 to my S10+. HOW do I do that? THANKS! - Johnny in NC

Hi @johnwadel,

You didn’t mention whether you’ve taken any steps on the S10 yet - so to start from the very beginning, just follow the guidance at

It’s basically a matter of installing the Republic app, signing in with your existing Republic account info, (like you signed in here) and selecting the S7’s phone number when offered that choice.

As you set up the phone the Android system will also offer you a chance to move your old phone’s content to the new phone, if you’ve allowed the old phone to back up to Google’s cloud. Just watch and read each screen carefully.

Additional advice is here:

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Thanks. I was not aware that tGoogle he new SIM could be reprogrammed to my old Republic number. Re: backing up my Calendar, etc. from Google, should be backed up from my gmail account. I also have a 128GB micro SD card in my S7Edge. I should just put that in the tray in my new S10+ AFTER it’s set up, right?

I don’t believe it will matter when you move the SD card. Depending on what’s on it, there may be content the new phone can’t find - like if there are any high scores saved from games or other very specific app data. You may want to look for options to “back-up and restore” app data in apps that are very important to you.

The SD just has DOCs and pics. Thanks so much for your help. Am doing setup on the S10+ now and it’s backing up all the data from my S7Edge. I am waiting for the screen that will let me keep my old number.

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Samsung also has a nice app called smart switch which allows you to connect the 2 phones either via wifi or USB to automatically copy your stuff

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