Change in plans

I received an e-mail from Republic a few weeks ago announcing the new phones. I had a Moto-X 1st gen, and so I purchased an unlocked Moto-G Plus phone and ordered a SIM card from Republic. Before I activated the phone, I was on the old plan with 2 GB of cell data that was refundable for unused cell time, and the e-mail I received said I could keep my old plan with the new phone. However, once I activated the new phone, I was immediately switched to the new ‘Choice’ plan. I chatted with a Republic rep who told me that I had been switched to the new ‘Choice’ plan because the new phone required it. I selected the 1GB Choice plan for $20, but am not happy that the e-mail I received seemed to indicate that I could remain on my old plan. Please clarify what the reason is for this change???

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