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I have had great coverage from Republic until now. I currently have a Moto G5 plus, but have not been able to get calls from friends and family as consistently as before. I also have really bad coverage in areas where I always had good coverage before. I absolutely would like to stay with Republic if possible. Has something changed, or could it be a phone issue…

Hi Rhonda, welcome to the Republic Community! The coverage issues you’ve been having, are they with the same phone you’ve always had, or did you replace the phone and then the issues began?

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No. I actually changed phones, so I wondered if that could be the problem

It could indeed be. On the phone, please open the Republic App, click the gear at the top and then “About”. What does it say there under “SIM Type”? Also, what model was the previous phone?

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II had a Moto G which I don’t think had a sim card. I now have a Moto G5 plus which has a GSM sim card

That would be the reason for the change. Please take a look at the directions here and support can help you get back to the coverage you used to have: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

Thank you so much for your help!

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You’re very welcome!

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