Change in service with merger?

I used to get cellular service before Sprint was bought buy T-Mobile I had CDMA service here and it covered everywhere. After Sprint was bought by T-Mobile I had to switch to a GSM and have almost no service. I’m using a moto G7 with GSM service set the LTE.When Sprint was purchased I thought there would be some disruption but this is terrible. I also thought it would be temporary and it is dragging on. Does republic pay T-Mobile for service?

Hi @benjamenh and welcome to the Member Community. If you will share some additional information it will help us help you. But first I’d like to address one statement in the post.

To the best of my knowledge no one was forced to change from CDMA to GSM when Sprint bought T-Mobile. Sprint is the partner that supplies CDMA service for RW and T-Mobile does GSM.

My guess is you were switched to GSM service when you purchased the Moto G7.

Can you please share your zip code, nothing more? We can see what coverage would be best for your area. From your experience is sounds like CDMA might be best, but lets check.

This will help us get started :grinning:


Hi @benjamenh I believe you and I worked through this in a customer expert session and that going back to your CDMA SIM card got you back to the service that you had before. Please do let us know if you need any additional assistance!

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