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Any long time RW users that can comment to this, greatly appreciated.

I have 1st gen Moto X, I have been very pleased with it. I haven’t had any issues with it, and bought it new about 3 years ago. I have to confess I never did a big update required about a year ago because of my fear of having a big problem from reading comments about it. My phone works fine, and I have no current problems.

I bought my daughter a Moto E last year and she is not happy with it bc most of her peers have iphones. I am happy to see all the great phones now from RW that we can choose from. I I have tried to educate myself on the differences, but am not doing too well at it.

I really would like to get my daughter a new phone, but am greatly adverse to spending hundreds on buying the phone. I plunked out over $350 for my Moto X 3yrs ago, and frankly I only did it bc there weren’t any other choices. Also, I received a promotion to have it personalized. That helped spur me on. Missed out on the lastest great promo. Believe me when I realized the difference from my defy to my Moto X upgrade I was thrilled.

Having said all this: Is there anyone out there that could give me advice on taking the plunge on upgrading a phone. I’d like a new phone, but am okay with what I have. It is my daughter that is making my life miserable about her Moto E.

All of RW’s new phones are using T-Mobile except those involved in a test in which some of those models are shipped using the Sprint network. The Moto X Pure is a great phone that will use either network BUT at this time there is no way for you to chose which network you want. Therefore, be sure to look at the T-Mobile coverage map before you order a phone and be sure you know if the phone will only work on T-Mobile.

The addition of Sprint service with the new phones is covered here:

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

The T-Mobile coverage map is here:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

Also, if you buy a new phone to work with RW it will go on one of the new Plans you see in Plans at the top of this page. If you want her to stay on, say the $10.00 plan, then I recommend you shop for a good used Moto X (2nd Gen) on eBay and Swappa.

One of my granddaughters is using the Moto X (1st Gen), the other is using the Moto X (2nd Gen). One is on the $10.00 plan, the other on the Republic Refund plan with $7.50 worth of data she has never used. Their friends with iPhones are paying a lot of money for their service and not getting anything my grandchildren are getting.

Very helpful!! Thanks for taking the time to help. A couple questions/comments regarding your response:

First, I do know where we live sprint coverage is good. Not sure about T-Mobile, but I will definitely check. I have stayed on the old plan…Unlimited talk, text, data. With my discount it is about $27 a month. My daughter has no data plan and her monthly payment is $12.50. That is part of the problem that I plan to address, which is she wants to have data other than just when able to use wifi. I was just looking at the Moto G4 plus, and reading reviews on it. It is still quite pricey at $300, but maybe I could find one less other than at RW. Please elaborate on the details of the data plan your granddaughter has with the $7.50. Thanks again!

On the Republic Refund plan (which won’t work on the new phones) the basic plan is $10.00 but you can buy plans that also include data. My granddaughter buys $7.50 worth of data every month but this is offset by the refund she gets from not using the previous month’s data. With taxes she has average about 12.50 a month.

When I put her on that plan I showed her where she could turn data on/off in the Republic app and suggested she only turn it on when she really needed data. She is very frugal and has only turned data on a couple of times over the past year and only used about 100 Mb of data. It has been a good lesson in economics. I wish the refund plan was available for the Moto X Pure. Have you considered buying the Pure for yourself? You could activate it as a replacement for your Moto X (1st Gen). Then you could factory reset the Moto X (1st Gen) and activate it as a replacement for the rather lame Moto E your daughter has and put it on the refund plan. Finally, you could sell the Moto E on eBay or Swappa and maybe get $50.00 for it.

That suggestion sounds like the solution I’ve been looking for!!! I will do some checking into this and let you know what happens. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to help me:-)

You are welcome Patricia. I’m especially interest in what you find when you check the T-Mobile coverage and whether RW sends you a Sprint phone or a T-Mobile phone.

In my opinion it is very important to know whether or not a phone is both CDMA and GSM compatible and to understand that presently if you buy one that is from RW you might get the CDMA (Sprint) model but if you buy one elsewhere it will work on T-Mobile because RW has yet to provide a mechanism for converting a bring-your-own phone from GSM to CDMA. I expect to see this capability sometime in the distant future. I wish RW would publish a list showing which of the new phones worked with both GSM and CDMA. The Pure does.

Funny…finally just got my husband all set with his phone. He is not into all the technology at all. It is all my task. Although, he just wants calling and of course texting comes with it now.

He just has an old flip phone, I had bought a new one online bc his old one bit the dust. The new one was bought…you guessed it, bc it was the cheapest. It is to be used with AT&T. After finally getting the number ported over we’ve discovered the phone gets absolutely no service whatsoever where we live!! Just stopped at AT&T the other day to see about a solution. Wonderful, there is no solution… sorry:-( AT&T is all 4G and we do not get 4G where we live, and they can’t do anything about it. I would of never thought in a million years I couldn’t get service from AT&T. The plan for this phone is $30 a month. I spent today getting a Moto G 2nd gen from freedom pop for him bc hopefully his service for talk and text will be free. The phone cost $29.99. Apparently freedom pop uses sprint towers which would work for us. I also was assured of a 30 day money back guarantee. I am very skeptical, but will see how it goes.

Anyway, yes, sprint has been very reliable for us at our location. Apparently I need to be more careful when getting different cell service.

Also, I am not too sure about your previous suggestion, you know the making changes thing. I am reluctant to give up the plans we are on now with RW. I like my plan on my Moto X, bc I don’t have to think about what data I use, etc. Although, after reading the spec on the Pure, it sounds very attractive. Especially the camera…wow!!

And I think if I did pass the X to my daughter she was asking why couldn’t she just keep the unlimited data aspect of it. Maybe a link to the old plans changing to the new ones would be helpful. I haven’t kept up on this stuff at all bc I decided things were just fine. This cell phone stuff, gotta keep changing I guess

There some good information an the new plans here. It also touches on the old plans:

Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs

Maybe your best bet is to put your hubby on your daughter’s Moto E on the $10.00 plan. Everyone wins.

My thoughts intially also, but my daughter is not too keen on the Moto G replacement at freedom pop.

Just read the link, too much change for my system!! Still looking…

Where has anyone else moved to with all these changes?

Mostly those who have posted about their move away from RW have gone to Google Fi.

When I wrote “everyone wins” I as visualizing this:

You daughter gets upgraded from a Moto E to a Moto X. She wins. Moreover, she gets Republic Refund plan.

Your husband gets upgraded from a flip phone to a Moto E. He wins. His bill is only 12.50/mo.

You get upgrade from a Moto X to a Moto Pure. You win. The catch for you is you don’t know if you will get Sprint or T-Mobile. If there is poor T-Mobile coverage and good Sprint coverage you are more likely to get Sprint according to that discussion thread:

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

Reading and googling

I have reread everything here numerous times so I can absorb it. I like the plan you outlined a lot, just wondering…I am very hesitant to move myself to the 3.0 plan. I like not having to think about what data I use.

I don’t like the 3.0 plans compared to the 2.0 Republic Refund plans either. I’m on the $20.00 plan and the data is use it or lose it. Still, I’m in the habit of only using cell data when I really need it and barely eat into my allotment. It’s all a matter of perspective. Even though I would rather be on the 2.0 plan my service is still cheaper than it would be with other carriers or MVNOs…

Very well said, it is perspective…I agree. This comment makes me feel better. Thanks again:-)

Hi Bill,

I need your help, so I will update you:

I found a Moto X2 locally that I bought for my daughter Tuesday. I did all the homework on doing this purchase I could think of. This is what I envisioned;

  1. I keep the Moto X on my 1.0 unlimited so I don’t have to think about data, ha

  2. My daughter gets the Moto X2 with the 1.0 unlimited plan

  3. My husband gets the Moto E2 with the $10 base plan, talk and text only.

This is what happened; apparently I didn’t do my homework well enough bc the used Moto X2 apparently cannot be on the 1.0 plan…so in light of this do you see any different scenario that I cannot figure out? I feel really deflated due to my inability to take care of this, and so would greatly appreciate your help with this. I just am happy with my Moto X1 and didn’t feel the need to spend $$$ so much on a phone for myself or my daughter. When this used Moto X2 came up on Craigslist I took the opportunity to see if this would be an option. I corresponded with the seller in great length and tried to educate myself on buying a used phone, since I would have no recourse if it was junk. It seems ok, other than Brigit is having trouble with the battery keeping charged. I have since emailed the seller back and he said he used a turbo charger. I am in the process of trying to figure this situation out on top of getting the correct plan.

Republic Help

There really is nothing wrong with the 2.0 plan the X2 will go on. I like it better than the 1.0 plan because I carefully managed my data usage and got a refund every month. Also, the X2, presuming this one is in good shape, is an excellent phone. The one thing about the 2.0 plan I’ve noticed is really the human factor: Most of my friends have RW phones and we dine together from time-to-time. Some of us invariably connect to the WiFi at the restaurants we visit, some don’t. Some leave their cell data turned off (easy to do in the Republic app) until they actually need it, and one obstinate female simply refuses to be bothered managing her usage. Curiously, it’s my granddaughters who do the best job of managing their data usage.


So the Motox2 won’t be eligible for the 1.0 then?

Well, maybe my daughter might surprise me then if we have to go with the 2.0, but idk bc she and her friends are just crazy about Snapchat and that requires wifi or data.

Thank you for always being here to help

My granddaughters use Snapchat as well. I gave them their X1s about 3 years ago along with a year’s service. Since then I’ve continued their service as Christmas gifts. Along with that I explained how to manage data usage and how important this was because they were actually managing my money. I taught them to annualize every expense because while $5.00 doesn’t sound like much these days $60.00 still does. They truly love their phones and managing their data usage has built their self-esteem.

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